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Still don't forgive by NawaneN
Still don't forgive

I do not forgive you
I do not forgive you for anything
I’ll stick to the street demon, spill your intestines
you’ll seek help but you’ll vomit bloody vomit
while listening to your favorite music on headphones
you’ll have to jump rope with your spilled intestines
I do not forgive you
I still don’t forgive, still don’t forgive so

there is no law to judge your sins 
ah, the world! 
I’ll give you punishment instead
what a fool, I say

RADWIMPS -  五月の蝿  

I'm in love with Radwimps'  songs, I can't get over them. 
Anyway this has been in my folders for a while since I couldn't get myself to
finish it, plus I've been pretty busy too. 

I wanted to try something 'new' and thought that I should draw more Tokyo Ghoul fanart.
And after reading the lyrics of that song, some of the parts put me thinking about Kaneki,
so I drew him /  u  \' It was pretty fun to draw, even tho the "blood" was something
I've never done before and it felt tiring to do at some points.
I'm going to get some coffee~
Kao Emoji-20 (Content) [V1] 

art (c) NawaneN
char (c)  Sui Ishida (Tokyo Ghoul)


Tumblr link to this artwork. Please don't repost.

This is not my homework by NawaneN
This is not my homework

It’s okay, it’s okay, if it’s the person you’ve chosen.
It’s okay, it’s okay, if it’s the path you’ve chosen.

I wonder how many times I’ve made you cry?
And compared to that, how many times I’ve been able to make you smile?

Moreover, you happen to have that combination technique
Where you cry with happiness,
so I lose track of the rest.
RADWIMPS いいんですか?

I thought a while if I should put this here at all >: L I don't knoooooow~
Something went horribly wrong idk. I've lost my grip I think with coloring/drawing.
I need to practise a lot more. Anyway I love this song, please listen it! ,  o  ,

art (c) NawaneN
char(c) Tadatoshi Fujimaki (Kuroko no basuke)

Tumblr link to this artwork. Please don't repost.

What's up with technology?? First something stops working and you don't know why, and then suddenly it starts working and you still don't know why. Fucking incredible. But yay my tablet works!
C' mere by NawaneN
C' mere
Damn I don't know what I'm doing anymore! 6 weeks without drawing isn't a good idea.
I've started like 4 pics + this and finished non. Aaaaaaaaaa how to draw?? I can't remember anymore!

I noticed I've been trying to draw too big and difficult drawings so far since I came back, so
I thought that maybe I should just draw something simple and color it sloppy etc. So I did, and I feel
a lot better now! Maybe later I'll draw something "bigger" and more time consuming. Maybe.

Anyway, have a happy Hinata!:heart: revamp  Yes it's hinata, even it doesn't look like him >n<

art (c) NawaneN
Haikyuu (c) 
Haruichi Furudate
I G I V E UP! I can't understand what's wrong here, I think I've tried everything and I've never googled as hard in my entire life. Fuck this. I'm having a break as long as I have interest enough to get back solving this tablet problem. /  \'

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